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Here's where you get to see what our students and clients are saying about us.  If you have any comments or suggestions about Red Sullivan's World Famous Blue Water Diving, feel free to sound off with the good, the bad or the ugly. Send your comments DIRECTLY to Red Sullivan at .

From: "Jamie Vachon" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 4:13 PM
Subject: Thanks

Hey Red,

You did my open water dives last week (Deleon and Blue Springs) and I  just wanted to say thanks. I had a great time and was impressed by your training expertise and overall knowledge. I'd recommend you to anyone I know going to the Daytona area. Feel free to use this letter as a customer testimonial.
I'm off to Australia in a week. I'll have to report back with all the great dive pictures I'll accumulate!



Jamie M. Vachon
Microsoft Senior Development Professional
[MVP ADSI & Exchange]


Hey there Red!

How are things going in Florida? Well, I hope. I am sorry that it
Has taken me so long to write, but I didn't forget I have just been super busy.
Thank you so much for training me so quickly! Though it was quite a
crash course, I definitely learned everything that I needed to know
and was very confident once we got to our cruise! Also, I really
enjoyed our classes!! You made it easy to learn and provided a safe,
fun learning atmosphere.
Brad and I had a great time on our trip. We were able to dive in both
Grand Cayman and Cozumel! I know that Grand Cayman is supposed to be one of
the best in the world, but we both enjoyed Cozumel more!!! I sucked up a lot
of air on the first dive, but after that I relaxed and in the end I think
that I was actually sucking up less than Brad!! :) Actually, truth be told, I
also sucked up a lot in the very beginning of our first Cozumel dive
at first the current really spooked me, but once I realized that I didn't
have to fight it and that the boat was just going to come to me wherever I
ended up, I relaxed and actually enjoyed that the most! Talk about NO
Anyway, thank you again for being so flexible with my schedule. I
Could not have completed that training anywhere else! Though I don't live in
Florida I will definitely recommend you wherever I travel, to anyone who is even
remotely interested in learning to dive! I am sure that you could
make anyone feel safe and comfortable and I know that they would have
a great time!
Good luck to you in your business! I am sure that you will be more
successful than you can imagine! Next time I am back in Florida I
Will get in touch and maybe we can all fly down somewhere exciting for a dive
or two!

Take care,




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