Salvage Services

Anything related to the water I’ve done it and am willing to do.

Salvage Services

25 Years of Experience at Your Service! 

In sinking the Vandenburg I was one of three individuals who were trained and rated to disarm explosives underwater. We were tasked with placing and removing 3000 foot of line, leading to 46 detonations. I was the only one on the job with salvage knowledge and was given the responsibility of obtaining lift bags to put the radar arches back on the ship when they fell off. 

As a Dive Professional or “Commercial Diver” I have 25 years of experience. I started my non recreational diving in 1996 raising boats for Sea Tow. Being that I’m extremely comfortable in the water I started dipping my toe into other parts of professional diving.

I’ve raised boats and airplanes from the bottom of the river, ponds, lakes, etc. As of recently I assisted Sea Tow in raising an airplane that went down in Venetian Bay. Other jobs have been sailboats sunk in the river or sunken drill rigs. I’ve assisted with raising boats out of the intercoastal that have been submerged for years or some that were only down for a few months.

The duration underwater and size of the objects I’ve recovered have varied over the years. I helped customers untangle props and anchors and others I found lost belongings they dropped.

With my experience in search and recovery I have had to find lost divers who were in places they weren’t supposed to be. Some of my work you may have seen on the news whether it’s recovering a boat or a person I have the know how to properly execute the job.

In addition to search and recovery and salvage work, I have experience working in and around pipes. You can check out the BlueWaterDiving Facebook page to see a few of the jobs I’ve done.

I’ve worked on many pipes and dove in many hazardous situations over the years. It’s safe to say tight spaces and the traditional concept of undivable conditions don’t bother me. I’ve dove deep and in minus 50 foot visibility.

Anything related to the water I’ve done it and am willing to do.

Technical Diving Instruction

After teaching for a few years, I became a Dive Master Instructor (IDC) and have held that rating for over 18 years. I’m also a TDI instructor, able to teach technical diving from Cavern all the way through Full Cave.

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Anything related to the water I’ve done it and am willing to do.

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