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Anything related to the water I’ve done it and am willing to do.

Captain Red

25 Years of Experience at Your Service!

My diving career started when I was running dive boats of 30 people as a Dive Master (DM) and as a Captain. I was also assisting instructors with their Open Water classes. I enjoyed helping people see the underwater world in a safe environment. Between being a DM and assisting classes I noticed students and customers gravitated to me. They wanted to learn more about diving from someone they knew wouldn’t sugar coat the truth.

During my 3 years of being a DM on a boat I saw timid, unconfident, careless divers and classes packed with students being pushed through, barley meeting the performance requirements. I had certified divers show up that had never done a boat dive, scared to jump off the boat. Seeing instructors fail to thoroughly educate and prepare their students lead me to the decision of becoming an Open Water Instructor in 1999. My goal was to create better divers by educating people the right way from the beginning.

Instead of sending people through an online class and a quick dip in the water, I wanted them to leave my class knowing they’d be capable of being safe and environmentally conscious divers.

I’m known for my old school teaching methods. You will have several days of repeating the necessary skills until you’ve perfected them. Being able to do a skill successfully once does not make a capable diver. You can’t build confidence in a day. Being able to problem solve and think for yourself is a big part of diving. Knowing how your equipment works along with the dos and don’ts of diving are all thoroughly addressed in my classes.

After teaching for a few years, I became a Dive Master Instructor (IDC) and have held that rating for over 18 years. I’m also a TDI instructor, able to teach technical diving from Cavern all the way through Full Cave. I started technical diving because I enjoyed the skill set. Perfecting all skills to see another part of the underwater world is an exhilarating experience. I decided to start teaching technical diving for the same reasons I got into being an Open Water Instructor. I like being able to help other people improve their skill set and become better divers.

With over 150 safe cave dives I’ve received 2 Wakulla awards. I’m also certified in Wreck Tech, and I teach Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Diving. All of that combined with having my 100 ton Master Captain license I have a vast amount of knowledge to share with people. I’ve worked at Marine Land as a guide and worked as a safety diver for several projects on surveying wrecks like the Commodore. I was also one of 10 divers involved in sinking the Vandenberg in Key West.

 To sum it up I’m in the water almost every day, whether its teaching, recreational diving, or swimming in conditions the average diver wouldn’t consider dive worthy. I am always trying to educate other divers and expand my own knowledge and experience in the process.

Salvage/Commercial Diving

I’ve raised boats and airplanes from the bottom of the river, ponds, lakes, etc. As of recently I assisted Sea Tow in raising an airplane that went down in Venetian Bay. Other jobs include sunken sailboats, sunken drill rigs, pipework and more!

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Anything related to the water I’ve done it and am willing to do.

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